Wood / Biomass

  • Companies generate wood waste in the form of pallets, crates and scrap lumber from lumber mills and construction/demolition materials. Pallets and crates are refurbished or recycled into mulch or wood fuel. Wood waste that cannot be used in its original form can be processed into a variety of products. These include compost for soil improvement, mulch for weed control, sawdust for animal bedding, wood flour for cleaning up spills, wood chips for landscaping and fuel pellets or pressed wood fireplace logs for wood stoves.
  • South Carolina‚Äôs forestry industry is a major economic contributor to the state, forestry byproducts and residuals add incremental revenues to landowners and forest products. In addition, the state has made a name for itself in the biomass industry. What previously was a small biomass presence has become a thriving industry, providing power for tens of thousands of South Carolina homes and businesses.
  • Businesses that generate wood waste can save money by not sending waste to landfills. The average fee for disposing a ton of waste in a Class II SC landfill is about $25-30, but recycling of a ton of with a wood processing facility may cost less and is the right thing to do.


Please check out our new best management practices for recycling wood/biomass: How to Recycling Wood/Biomass!


Why South Carolina is Just Right for Wood & Biomass


of all wooden pallets are recycled


of pallets are recycled into boiler fuel, mulch, wood pellets, or animal bedding

20 MW

of power are produced by biomass facilities using wood by-products